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Portable Air Conditioner

β‚Ή 1,299

β‚Ή 2,999


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❄️ Instant cooling sensation for immediate relief.

🌬️ Customize airflow with adjustable settings for personalized comfort.

πŸ”‹ Rechargeable and portable design ensures on-the-go convenience.

Stay cool wherever you go with our portable air conditioner! Say bye bye to hot weather!

Introducing the Portable Air Conditioner, the ultimate solution to beat the summer heat wherever you are.

7 Night Colors Adjustable

1 second strong drop 10 ℃

5 large nozzles + strong wind, instantly unlock the high temperature molecules, release a large number of ice sensation water mist, three effects in one, blowing the wind cooling humidifying three.


Timer shutdown

Comfortable sleep, intimate care, 1-3 hours timer shutdown, to avoid blowing cold for a long time.


180Β° free rotation

Refuse to single, I want to cool from head to toe, seven eye-care atmosphere light colors can be adjusted.



Designed for simplicity

It's your go-to solution for instant cooling relief. Plus, with its whisper-quiet operation and customizable humidification levels, rest assured your sleep won't be disturbed. Experience comfort on demand with CoolMax.

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